We offer an extensive musical library to choose your favorite selections. Feel free to create your “hit-list” of your favorite songs as well as your “no-hit list” of the songs you prefer not to be played. Kirkabee Deejays will ensure that you have the freedom to customize your wedding…it’s YOUR day!



Our Deejays have the ability to provide music for all types of wedding ceremonies. We can also provide live ceremony music such as: solo harpist, classical guitar, jazz combos and string ensembles. Just let us know your preference.

Cocktail Hour

Set the mood for the evening from the moment your guests arrive by having Kirkabee Deejays provide your choice of background music during the cocktail reception.


Kirkabee Deejays will provide you with the comprehensive Event Planner Form to assist with organizing your order of events such as bridal party introductions, first dance song, father-daughter/mother-son dances, toasts/blessing etc. Our goal is to make your Wedding Day exactly how you envision it.

Event Planner